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Your merchandize is in good hands with Plaspak,
a subsidiary of Transport Bourassa

Thanks to our 525,000 sq. ft. of space distributed in five warehouses, we can offer short, mid and long-term storage services. We offer unlimited storage capacity for various goods, such as pallets, rolls, barrels, vehicles, bulk and much more.


We are also certified for the storage of hazardous materials, in compliance with AWSA, an association responsible for the regulation of biocides, pesticides and agrochemicals storage standards. Trust our safe and complementary storage solutions.

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  • Rail access

    Benefit from our strategic location:
    Our warehouses are easily accessible by main road axes and are serviced by CN and CP railways. This unique combination allows you to benefit from the quick and economic transport of your goods. No other carrier in Quebec can offer this unique advantage.

  • Hazardous material

    Our hazardous material storage services offer secure and compliant solutions for the management of your sensitive products. With a proven expertise in this field, we have specially designed facilities to meet the high standards of hazardous material storage and handling.

  • Distribution

    Discover the unparalleled services offered by our distribution center. We are specialized in the efficient and optimized management of your supply chain, offering a complete solution for your storage, logistics and distribution needs. Thanks to our modern infrastructure and our stock management expertise, we ensure accurate reception, secure storage and rapid shipment of your goods.

  • Silo

    Our modern and secure buildings are designed to ensure the optimal conservation of your bulk products, such as cereals, grains, animal feeds and much more. Thanks to our expertise and our specialized equipment, we can guarantee the efficient management of your inventory, offering accurate control of your stocks and careful handling of your goods.

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Turnkey Storage Services

Need storage? We have the solution!

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    Receiving of goods

    Efficient and meticulous reception to ensure the fast availability of your goods.

  • 02

    Order preparation

    Our team carefully prepares your order for fast and accurate shipment.

  • 03

    Labelling and packaging

    Clear labels and safe packaging for an impeccable presentation of your goods.

  • 04

    Sample collection

    Rigorous sample collection to guarantee the compliance and the quality of your products.

  • 05


    Fast and reliable distribution to reach your clients within the planned timeframe.

  • 06

    Transshipment of containers and palletization

    Efficient and secure transshipment of your bulk goods.

  • 07

    Real-time stock management

    Optimized management of your stocks thanks to real time monitoring.

  • 08

    IT management based on your needs

    Benefit from IT management adapted to your needs, such as SAP, EDI and much more.


Need storage? We have the solution!

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Number of square feets available in storage

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Need storage?
We have the solution!

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