Transport Bourassa is a leader in the transport of partial loads (less than truckload) and full truckloads everywhere in its territory.


From Saint-Jérome to Coaticook or from Quebec City to Hull-Ottawa, through Montreal and Longueuil, Transport Bourassa offers fast transport and distribution of all kinds of parcels and goods from one area to the other.



Whether bound for Toronto, London, Niagara Falls, Barrie, Belleville or along the 401 corridor, Transport Bourassa's tractor-trailers travel Ontario's main highways to deliver or pick up goods bound for or coming from Quebec or the United States.

With diversification in mind, Transport Bourassa also stresses partnership with Ontarian transporters. This facilitates connections.


United States:

Since 1981, Transport Bourassa serves the United States and deals directly with Canadian and American customers who wish to use its shipping services.

With in transit trailers permanently located on American soil, Transport Bourassa can promptly meet all loading needs each day of the year.

Speedy customs clearance

Transport Bourassa has established a customs road warehouse on the premises of its Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu terminal. The purpose of this related service is to speed up the steps involved in the customs clearance of goods.

The PARS (Pre Arrival Release System) system is also widely used for goods coming from the United States. Transport Bourassa has CSA certification (Canada's Customs Self-Assessment Program) and all drivers have the EXPRES card.

The PAPS (Pre Arrival Processing System) is used for goods bound for the United States. The company is also C-TPAT certified and all drivers have a FAST card.


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