C-TPAT/FAST/EXPRES (download the certificates)

Transport Bourassa has been participating in the C-TPAT/FAST program since October 2003 and in the CSA/EXPRES program since March 2004. All company drivers have their FAST/EXPRES card.

ANEPA (download the certificate)

Entreposage Plaspak has been certified by the AWSA for the storage of agrochemical products since November 2004.

The AWSA's mission is to continue to improve the storage methods for agrochemical products in Canada, thanks to the implementation of standards to better protect the environment, improve working conditions, and decrease company risks.

To reach this goal, members only use warehouses certified for the storage of agrochemical products. Inspectors having received the necessary training inspect the warehouses every two years. To ensure enforcement, they issue certificates and withdraw them when the standards are not met.

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